Game Operator King Candy Crush Saga Soda Bubble Witch Saga 2 has the great search for the right words rung. This free puzzle game Alpha Betty Saga is available as a mobile app right away. Just give us a visit to Google Play or iTunes and already you throw yourselves with three mice in a bright puzzle adventure. The game combines the main elements of Scrabble and a match-3 puzzle. The first step is to place words in the letters chaos on the pitch.

Here you have to at least three of the fields together. With a wipe of a finger on the touch screen, you draw a line and connect the person rudiments together. In Alpha Betty Saga, it is completely no matter whether the line upright, horizontally or otherwise runs. You can pull in all possible instructions your line. The only obligation is that the individual letters that tried to attach her somehow limits, together.

Alpha Betty

If you look closely you notice that the individual plates have a point’s value. Fail the longer your words, the more points you get. If it is possible you moreover, letter seldom used such as the Y with built into your word creation it gives even more points from cracking each level requirements even faster.

If it should not even fold so, you can rely on useful boosters that you facilitate things a little in Alpha Betty Saga. The Android and iOS release includes more than 100 levels, which are topped up with future updates of Alpha Betty Saga with other puzzle challenges. While Mobile gamer had to wait a little longer, the Facebook app is live since April.