Sony Photos has released a brand new trailer for that upcoming Upset Birds film. Some from the footage may be seen within past trailers but additional sections which delve deeper to the birds versus. Pig’s story is brand new. As along with past trailers that one explains the reason why main personality Red is angry as well as teases away his not likely journey in order to becoming the actual savior associated with his people inside a battle towards egg-stealing pigs. Look below.

Should you were searching for more from the pee humor and feces jokes through past trailers you might be disappointed. Nevertheless, not in order to worry, because this movie contains a few silly outlines to chuckle at such as Drop your own nuts as well as move your own butts amongst others.

angry birds

Angry Parrots follows the bird called Red voiced through SNL vetern Jerr Sudeikis that has a mood problem. As well as other birds Throw Rosen’s Josh Gad as well as Bomb Danny McBride through East Sure and Lower, the three happen to be considered outsiders for his or her entire life. However, eventually their isle paradise is actually invaded through green pigs not to mention it is as much as the three of these to save the planet.


Imbed the Triad Managed Streets associated with Hong Kong within Sleeping Canines Now upon nvidia protect. Stream Sq. Enix’s open-world bunch warfare motion game upon shield along with Ge Force right now Veteran scribe Jon Vitti, who is perhaps most widely known for his focus on The Simpsons, is actually writing the actual Angry Parrots movie. He or she wrote the actual famous “Mr. Plow” occurrence, among other people.

It is made by visual results and computer animation studio Sony Photos Image works, and Sony Photos will distribute you all over the world. Animated film veterans Fergal Reilly Spider-Man 2 the metal Giant as well as Clay Kaytis Wreck-It Rob, Tangled tend to be directing the actual film that is due away May 2016.