The skill game Angry Birds has its roots on the smartphone. Here you control small colorful birds which are thrown through a parkour and have to meet certain areas in the same. In this way, virtual wooden walls are created in order to reach coveted points. In the game of the same name, you hurl a small bird through a self-assembled constellation of objects.

virtual Game

Angry Birds is a popular game that is very popular on the smartphone. For some time, you can play Angry Birds not only on the smartphone or the PC, but also at the domestic living room table. In the Brettspiel of the same name, the players take small round birds as play figures and have to throw them through a self-made parkour. In the course of time, the constructions become increasingly challenging, which is why a good dose of skill is expected. The game can already be played with one person, but with two or three people, the playing fun is enormously increased.

Contents of the game pack

Angry Birds Before you can get into the real adventure of Angry Birds, you must first remove all parts from the box. Afterwards the playing cards are mixed placed face down on the table. The players then decide whom the first player to start a game. If the roles are distributed, the first player must draw a game card from the deck. There are three different types of cards. So there are simple buildings medium and heavy buildings.

Depending on the level of difficulty, rewards are also increased when a card is successfully completed. On each card is a construction that the other player must then build. The design must look exactly as shown on the map. The active player then takes a corresponding game figure this is depicted on the drawn card and puts it into the small catapult which is also in the box.

Now the person can operate the catapult and must clear all the green pigs. For yellow symbols, the active player receives bonus points that ultimately enter the overall score. A card may be taken as a solicited ticket if all pigs have been cleared. The yellow bonus symbols do not have to fall off in order to make the cards successful. A game in the Angry Birds board game is finished when the first player scores 1,000 points. You can always see which points a completed card can read on the map.