Since now one year, since game developer spring operates the free online game asterix & friends himself after the Telekom was assigned as a publisher. To celebrate the first anniversary in style, those in accuse to throw a lavish party in which no Gaels must go home with an unfilled stomach. If you drop by frequently on the official Facebook page of Asterix & Friends, you have the chance to bonus codes to tap that equip you with lots of useful in-game items.

The Gallic Delight drink will be held until 1 June by 27 May. During these five days Egyptian fields, schools of fish and wild boar generate twice as much food as normal. In addition, the stocks are not exhausted so quickly, but grow twice as fast again. Therefore, you give the perfect opportunity to your pantries stuffing to the rafters with goodies.

Asterix & Friend

In Asterix & Friends expands its rub shoulders with well-known characters from the popular cartoon series your own Gallic village and making fierce confrontation against the superiority of Rome. In the game you doing you not only in Franco-Belgium rum, but also dares to take a trip to the distant Egypt, where her diligently participates in the pyramid.

In June 2013, the game was launched in the Open Beta. As a publisher acted at that time the German Telekom AG just one year later, the group gave the operation of Asterix & Friends at the developer Sproing who since holding the rudder in his hand.