2017 was a great year for fans of computer and video games. Many new titles inspired us. This applies to not only the market of full-price games on PC and console, but also the free-to-play area. Among the free time activities this year were completely new works. That caught our attention and provided many fun, as well as old acquaintances. In this article, we want to review our highlights of the year 2017. Of course, that is only a small part of what we could mention, but we also want to have a Christmas holiday someday.



The free building game The Settlers Online is one almost already a classic in the field of browser games. Since 2011, the title is officially on the market. In addition, let us face it is the only reasonable settlers. That has appeared within the past eight years. This weird experiment Champions, which was supposed to have been a settler game, was nothing.

The Settlers Online – Island

2017 may not seem to have done so much with The Settlers Online. The Düsseldorf-based developer Blue Byte has mainly made improvements to the interface and held some entertaining events. Just remember the event around the airship Excelsior, whose quests based on the stories of fans. The biggest innovation of the year is the talent trees of the generals. Thus, the development team missed the strategy title so to speak. A small RPG aspect, since you can develop the characters now at will and different align. Blue Byte provided even playful depth in The Settlers Online, which we still like to welcome.


If Even the Settlers Online has too many fights you want to play something even more laid-back then Klondike is a good choice. The farm game of a different kind made us happy in 2017 with regular events. Almost every week, the developers release a new update, with always fresh, albeit temporary, content available.


With his unused scenario, Klondike sets himself apart from all the other building games. Why do we call Klondike a farm game of a different kind? The whole thing takes place in Alaska, where you order your land in the middle of a forest. Sure, you put on fields here, on which you grow, for example, fruit. Just as important sawmill where you process your collected wood. In addition, you like to leave your country and go on a discovery tour. With a dog sled, you travel through the wilds of North America and experience numerous adventures. The everyday life of a normal farmer looks a bit different in comparison.


Good game Studios is one of the most successful browser game developers in Germany. Nothing has changed in 2017, as evidenced by the two titles of the Hamburg studio in this list. Goodgame Empire is one of them and after this year continues to be a big recommendation for all strategy fans. The construction of our own medieval city and the conquest of lands have also given us a lot of pleasure in 2017. The developers cherish their game, maintain, and organize great events repeatedly. For example, the “Competition of Nations” took place for the first time this year, a big tournament in which 32 servers competed against each other.

In addition, at the end of the year, there was the first Royal Quest Campaign. During which you had to complete several tasks in a given period to get great rewards. You do not take any chances. You cannot lose troops or resources.

one of the biggest innovations has undoubtedly been deep-sea fishing. Instead of just fishing in shallow waters with a small boat, you can now go out to the open sea in Goodgame Big Farm and catch large quantities of fish there. Various types, several different boats the expansion of their own shipyard, the numerous equipment. The dangers such as gluttonous sharks or sea storms provide the necessary draft, without unnecessarily complicating the game.