We would like to introduce you to the next part of a series of exciting computer games in the world of Aventuria: Blackguards from Entertainment. Two years ago, the game forgiveness from Hamburg already released the charming point-and-click adventure where you are kidnapped to the kingdom of Andergast and experienced exciting adventures that is to liberate the city from a mysterious crow.


In The Black Eye Blackguards, you are a condemned murderer, a member of a troop of renegades and criminals. In exciting adventures, you will learn more about the stories of all involved and go to the mysterious murder of the lovely princess on the ground, for which you should be responsible. As if this were not enough excitement, you are constantly fleeing from guards and guardsmen who are not concerned about your well-being.

The Black Eye of Blackguards

In the course of the game, you will gradually assemble a powerful force. This is the half-nymph Niam, whose poaching has often cost her life. A bow and their sharp arrows are their constant companion. Naurim the Dwarf suffers from delusions – he is in search of the legendary golden dragon, who wants to bring the world into disaster. But as a strong warrior he is always in the front row and fights against your opponents.

The Zurbaran fights rather from the background. His great weakness is his penchant for beautiful women and good wine, which has already put him in great danger several times. The mysterious beauty of Aurelia therefore fits perfectly into his but Zurbaran has to take care, because her black witchcraft brought already so many people around the mind. The last one is the sneaky a former gladiator whose bloody prejudices will be useful to you in battle.

The first minutes in the game

Before you get started you have to decide which difficulty level you want to play. If you are in the DSA Universe we will introduce you to the basic mode to familiarize yourself with the game and its handling. As in any sensible online role-playing game, the adventure begins with character creation.

The warrior is strong as a rock in the surf and the masters of close combat. Due to his experience as a fighter at the front, he has acquired some knowledge about wound healing. But his great weakness is the lack of experience in survival in the wilderness. The magician is the ruler of arkane forces, which he can use to protect his allies or destroy his enemies.

He must however always be careful not to come near enemies because his armor does not last much. The hunter is an excellent fighter from a distance whose knowledge of the wilderness brings great advantages. He must, however always be careful to keep his enemies at a distance since his close combat skills are only slightly pronounced.

Now you just have a suitable name and you are already in the middle of the adventure of intrigue and murder. After the breathing introductory video is over you face a nasty werewolf where you can try out your freshly learned abilities. You can use the W, A, S, D and the mouse wheel to change the camera perspective. If you want to stop the attack without an attack, click on Enter. Otherwise, you can start your first attack. As a warrior you have to go directly to the wolf, to be in melee range. As a hunter or a magician, you can get rid of your opponent directly from your position.

Our tip

The game world in blackguards is very interactive. Before a fight starts, you always keep an eye out for objects that you can use in combat. In the case of the guardroom, for example, it is the chandelier, which you can let down. Later, muddy puddles bring down your opponents. By pressing the “V” key, you can always display all the corresponding objects.

The Ring Menu Note on completion

Thanks to the Ring Menu, you always have all your abilities in view. To open it use the right mouse button and first see which attacks are available to you. Use the left mouse button to select an ability to attack an opponent. By right clicking, you can deselect the attack ability again. If it is too idle to call the ring menu again you can draw important skills on the action bar and make them faster.

We wish you a lot of fun on your travels through Aventuria. Always remember to watch regularly at a healer to make your wounds and poisonings heal. In addition, the equipment of your heroes should be constantly improved, in order to arm them for the hard battles – then the epic adventures nothing stands in the way.