Hello friends today we will introduce you a new game name is blizzard blows. Only a few more times to sleep and already you can plunge you into Hearthstone on new cards pack. Game operators Blizzard Heroes of the Storm over watch has announced that in August an original growth for the free online collectible card game appears. It bears the title the great tournament and starts concurrently on all platforms on which Hearthstone is by now available.

As befits a real tournament enter only the majority daring to among the champions of Azeroth. In order to set this in agreement with dramatic turf wars in scene you can access 132 new cards bringing the add-on with it deserves special attention in this case the attribute Inspiration that carry some of the new cards.

blizzard blows

Champions heroes and leaders are indeed there to motivate their followers to great deeds. Once you your Heroes ability begins you automatically activate the special abilities of cards that are marked with inspiration. Example benefits of Simple Knappe of your application sums up his heart and storms on your command with an additional point of attack on the enemy going blessed.

To tune in to the new challenges Blizzard has released a trailer:

The new expansion for Hearthstone is not free. Similar to previously with Goblins next to Gnome you necessity buy the cards pack. Whether her for grabs real money or game currency on the table is up to you.