Cloning is a trick of the Pokemon games that exploits a flaw or “cracks” the game to duplicate Pokemon and items. Thus, the cloned Pokemon will allow you to have duplicate Pokemon very difficult to get, so its exchange will bring improved benefits or rewards. In addition, it also serves to clone objects and thus get more masterballs or antidotes without spending any money. The clone can be in all versions of Pokemon, and most simple way.

However, in the edition of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl in, you must have a WiFi connection to Nintendo to perform cloning. Otherwise the procedure is very simple and can be done by anyone with a basic knowledge of the game system. So you can follow the steps listed below you.

pokemon diamond cloning


1. The first thing to do before starting the cloning process is to save the game. This is a security measure after we avoid losing part or all of the game if something goes wrong. Once saved, accesses the GTS or Global System Exchange Town Jubilee. Once inside, select the option to offer and put the Pokemon you want to clone Pokemon on the GTS. In return you must order something unobtainable. In this way, you ensure that if the trick fails your Pokemon will not be gone, and no one will be exchanged for what you ask. Usually if you ask a legendary Pokemon level 9 or any other Pokemon level 100 will have no problem.

2. Load the Pokemon and wait for autosave start of the game. Between this and the transmission kept the GTS is a short time (very small, lasts about one second) in which you must turn off the console.

3. Back on the console. If you made all the steps properly, you notice appears on the screen alerting the previous game console to be charged. You accept and go to the GTS. Pokemon and check your bags, I should have cloned. The same procedure will be done in case you want to clone objects. If the trick fails, you should try again, because the key is to turn off the console in the short time we indicated earlier. Practice this process quick and easy.