With Command & Conquer Tiberius Alliances awaits a free to play browser game of the Command & Conquer series. It all began in 1995: The flares on the PC followed by blockbusters like Red Alert and Iberian Sun. your skills Tiberius Alliances EA made a Commander to the test: Based on the Command & Conquer Tiberius universe are in Command and Conquer.

Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances

Prove yourself in the free to play browser game in the fight for resources and world domination. Build your base, optimize your resource production and discover new attack and defense tactics, if you PvP and PvE battles are preparing. However, do not forget the most important thing: The free browser game Command & Conquer Tiberius Alliances you must build strategic alliances to coordinate massive attacks against your enemies and to support each other in the struggle for Tiberius!

Attention enemies spotted!

Pass to the hostile opponent to, because they are in search of the valuable Tiberius and imagination not disposed towards peaceful. If there is no other way out, you can withdraw up to your base in a quieter area. There is also a computer-controlled opponent. The Forgotten NPC race you is also opposite. Get to strategic bonuses for your alliance by destroying fortified outposts and bases of the enemy. You will soon have a stunning fighting force.

With the alliance to success

Diplomacy is all: building your alliance on, rule over an increasingly growing territory and let, you support from your friends! Live action awaits you: The epic battles in Command & Conquer Tiberius Alliances are visualized immediately and can be followed live. Increase gradually your power and kill, pillage resources and conquer new areas in a dynamic game world. Face your enemies and defend your territory. Conquer new bases and areas of power so you can quickly conquer with your alliance the top spot.