You enter a world of adventure and challenges. Battles await you, a story with many twists and more. But before you embark on the journey, the choice of a character is at that suits your needs and your style of play. Eight classes from seven nations are you available for this purpose. You decide if you feel comfortable in the role of the keeper of an ancient heritage or as a warrior with wild instincts fight through the ranks of your opponents. Whether as a human, a descendant of the dragon or Beasts each type has special skills, help determine your way to fantasy world Tears.

Dive with Tera into a rich fantasy world

Master the battle system and defeat nasty opponents

Have you chosen a character to your virtual alter ego, start your adventure? Where it yourself and what approach sex next is entirely up to you. A huge world with sweeping landscapes, open-world dungeons and boss monsters wandering is open to you. Thanks to the Unreal Engine, places and characters are amazingly detailed. Impressive graphics is not the only thing that Tera differs from the majority of free MMORPGs. A sophisticated combat system requires a steady hand and plenty of skill at the same time. Instead of always pressing one button, you lead attacks and spells from running. About a crosshair, you take enemy target and estimate the position to the enemy.

Political decisions are important

Also surprising is the policy system of free-to-play MMORPGs. You can for a provincial or even run an entire continent and let you choose from other players on the leader. However, a prerequisite is prestige, fame and power, because without persuasion nobody has yet been crowned rulers. Prove yourself, then, to grow in disputes against other players or in combination of a strong guild to regarded member of the community.