In the fantasy Echo of Soul, you explore dark dungeons fight against dangerous creatures, and take charge of strange souls.

Explore a dark fantasy world

In Online Rolling Game Echo of Soul, you face the dangers of a dark fantasy world. Heavy armored, you are drawn against mighty demons so that your blade is soaked in the blood of unholy creatures. This bloody scenario is however, optional it is up to you whether you swing a deadly sword or deal with powerful spells and spells. In the free you have five different heroes to choose. Each of them gives you a very specific way to interact in the huge game world of Echo of Soul.

soul keepers

Together with other players, you face nasty opponents

The virtual realms that lie in front of you have many dangers. At the same time, they offer new and exciting challenges to adventurous heroes. The tables are full of small details. On each of your journeys you discover things that will put you in great astonishment. Idyllic landscapes invite you to relax while dangerous dungeons with rich prey lure. Explore the underground labyrinths alone or in conjunction with other players! Sometimes it is easier and more entertaining to face dangerous enemies than letting the teeth out of nasty trolls.

Special soul system

The special thing about Echo of Soul is that you not only take your killed opponents away from gold and belongings, but also their souls. With the inner life of the vanquished, you build up the skills of your hero. In the, character development is carried out by a special soul system. Opportunities to dust souls are abundant, for example in countless quests and raid both in PvP and PvE battles. With the app belonging to the game, you also stay in touch with friendly heroes when you are not sitting at the computer.