You are a big anime fan, but you have not found a matching game? Then dive into the world of Naruto Online! You always wanted to experience Naruto free and in the browser without having to accept a long download. Then you are exactly right here. Face the dangers along with the popular characters to become the best ninja of all time. It is not possible, however, to slip into the role of the famous hero. Instead, five new characters have been created for the MMORPG that seamlessly fit into the Naruto universe.

Explore naruto online for free

If you have chosen a hero, the adventure begins which provides many surprises for you. Naruto Uzumaki wants to be a Hokage. On the way however his best friend Sasuke is in trouble and peace must be restored. So there is a lot to do in this game. So, get together a team of different warriors, each of whom will fulfill a different tack on the battlefield and try to give the story a good outcome.

In the course of your adventure, you will learn a variety of skills and improve your combat skills. Combine Nin-Jutsu, Gen-Jutsu and the hermit mode to get your opponents out of the way with powerful attacks. Depending on which characters you have in your group and how they are understood the combos are stronger or weaker. Only with the right strategy and the appropriate team will you be victorious.

In Naruto Online, you will experience nine chapters of the official naruto story. On this journey, you will visit various places that are known to you as connoisseurs. Among other things, it goes to the village of Konoha. You know the action of the anime already inside and out.  Naruto creator Kishimoto Masashi who is actively involved in the development of the game provides the necessary authenticity.