The gameplay behind is very easy. Each player draws his game figures according to the number of dice. In the end, each player must be in the target position with his or her characters. The path to it is more difficult than imagined. The playing field disappears not only with time, but also a large portion of happiness is necessary. Only those who act quickly can decide the game in the end for themselves!

fast paced social game

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The actual game can begin the players must choose three game figures in matching color. The game field is then set up using the start target, and turn-by-turn tables. Each weighing panel has either a minus or plus value. This then indicates how many points can be won or lost during an overrun. If the game figures have been distributed, the guard figures can be placed. These will play an important role later on.

After the game figures have been distributed, the game can start. Each player rolls his dice at the beginning of his turn and pulls one of his three figures forward on the fields. Each time he moves away from a field, the points be added subtracted. On a minus field, the points are deducted, on a plus field you get the number of points standing there.

A game in takes about 30 minutes so it is a fast game but the fastest player does not always have to be the winner. If a player has reached the goal with all his or her characters the game is considered finished. Now the points are counted and the player with the most points wins. However, if a player has progressed quickly only flew over minus fields then this often means the loss of victory. If a player’s figure is not drawn, a guardian can be moved as a placeholder. This is not to be affected by the minus and plus fields. But can only be moved if there is a figure on the respective field belonging to the team.