Mozilla is showing that the world 2.0 is a powerful platform. Therefore, it is developing new technologies and tools that enable game developers to include their titles in different websites. One of the first companies to use this system is Trendy Entertainment, is taking advantage Emscripten, a computer program, and asm.jr a set of highly optimized JavaScript that allows developers to include high quality games online free plugin, to popularize your Dungeon Defenders.

This combined with WebGL, a graphics library that brings designs in three dimensions to the Internet, and Web Audio for sound and other effects, is an experience of playing fast, rich and immersive 3D.


Thus, Trendy has announced it will launch a version of this game with the same visual effects and how to play the desktop version natively. Today, the full game will be available on Steam, the online shop for computers entertainment.

This is based on the momentum of the GDC earlier this year, where several names of game industry announced that they would bring their large web-based tools to the online world, including Unity with its complement WebGL.

“In Trendy believe that in the future, players will want to access quality games that are connected with the whole world, either via PC, mobile, console or Internet”, said Darrell Rodriguez, CEO of Trendy Entertainment. “Internet is now a major part of the ecosystem of current games and technology asm.js Mozilla, plugin free games are available”, he added.

Furthermore, Trendy has announced that the next sequel Defensors II Dungeon also be available online. Also, management has stated that they are proud of that now more developers are using asm.js to distribute and profit from their games. “Using only a link to a website allows people to play where they are, which a breakthrough in the industry is”, he explained.

And with open technologies that are used, also provides an easier way to publish, update games on multiple platforms and test new features. “There has never been a better time to design interactive high quality video games for the 2.0 world,” said Vlad Vukicevic, director of engineering at Mozilla and creator of WebGL.

At the same time, Mozilla has introduced a clever feature called Pre-Safer. This tool is designed to simplify and enhance online trust. Thus, it improves safety in Internet. The feature has been developed by the multinational and other technology companies. This connects the parental controls on Mac and Windows with websites they visit via their browser. The platform has been implemented also for Internet Explorer, so we hope to see her soon in other browsers.