A black knight and his evil companions threaten games aura Kingdom the land of men. Draw with brave companions in the struggle. In action-packed Game Download Aura Kingdom you create your own character, by you adjust the look and upgrading your hero with a weapon of eight obtainable. Thus, you arrange it to a class and put the emphasis on specific skills that you work out during your trip as you wish. That way you involve the development of your hero and his fighting style that you are optimizing the way in addition to the development of the weapon and armor.

games aura Kingdom

The Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game brings you to Terra, the land of the people which lies between the celestial aura Kingdom and the underground kingdom Pandemonium. In Terra, await you affectionately designed cities and landscapes in anime style, full of ruins and mysterious structures that bear witness to past cultures. You encounter human inhabitants, but also fabulous creatures, such as the robot-building dwarfs. But the order in the world of Aura Kingdom is in danger. The mission failed, unfortunately and the evil is still on the rise.

The greatest danger however, from the knight in black armor who brings in the company of demons havoc and death by Terra. With your entry into the fantasy world you say the creatures of the underworld to fight. However you meet not only on common creatures, but also on the Eidolon. If you win the trust of cute animals, they become faithful companions to assist you with special abilities in the battles against evil monsters. You have an amazing memory and are very outgoing.