Wizards of the Coast announce Magic Duels Origins, the successor to the successful Franchise Duels of the Planes walkers for July 2015. Magic Duels appears with the exciting new Story line from the Set Magic origins and will be constantly updated by regular downloadable content to the current sets. Several game modes including the two-headed Giant which are very popular with the fans as well as a true free-to-play experience will delight both new and experienced players.

Free2Play version

Magic Duels: Origins appears in July for Xbox 1 for PC via Steam, for the iPad, and later this year for Play station 4. This upcoming release is different than anything we’ve ever done says Drew Nolosco, Lead Designer for Magical Duels Origins. Players will experience the backdrops of our five most outstanding planes walkers with this addictive gaming experience. We have listened to our players. Two-Headed Giant is back! Everything can be earned in the game so it’s real free-to-play! Magic Duels is the perfect entry into one of the best strategy games in the world.

Some of the exciting new features of Magic Duels:

  • Improved deck construction by a step-by-step guide
  • The very first playable Planes walker cards
  • Single player mode with almost infinitely many AI opponents
  • Advanced multiplayer mode, including Two-Headed Giant
  • A quest system with weekly community and individual challenges
  • Unlimited free-to-play with 100% content available in the game
  • A brand new tutorial system

Enter the world of one of the most famous strategy games in the world with Magic Duels: origins, which appear worldwide in July. It may be one of the most popular games. The feather of this games is very nice you can play it easily.