The Microsoft game console, Xbox 360, is currently one of the most popular in the market. It has a service called Xbox Live, online, through which it is possible to access different facilities: your shop for video games, movies and music, its multiplayer platform and other many services. This service has two types of user, one is Gold and another regular. Moreover, many of the services offered are extra. To learn how to get free Xbox Live, explaining in a few steps.


The first thing to know is that the Xbox Live site is accessible from a computer and from the Xbox console itself. While useful in some cases enter from the PC to use the service it is best to connect directly from the console.

Xbox Live

To do this, it will take a good ftp cable and internet broadband. After obtaining both, you can connect the console through the modem (not recommended because it prevents connecting other equipment), the router, or the same computer, configuring the network card for internet connection sharing.

When the console is connected successfully to the network, it is simply a matter of access Xbox Live via the “Connect to Xbox Live” in the “Profile” of the Xbox. Then will need to enter data from a Hotmail account and click on “Continue”.

Then, you will need to choose which type of user is desired. For free Xbox Live, you have to select the “Join now for free” option. This will provide a free user, albeit with less functionality a user Gold.

Also, this last step can be done from a computer, as the data will be associated with your Hotmail account is entered in step 3 To do this, you must access the website, go to the option “Xbox Live” Conveniently situated on the upper lashes, and then click “Join Xbox Live” from the dropdown menu.

This will lead to a screen that lists the benefits of regular account and Gold account, and where you can choose what type of account you want. Then it’s just a matter of filling the required data and creates the new user on the site, to enjoy the benefits of Xbox Live from the console via the associated Hotmail account.