This month, “Eternal Dawn” is a big update for Gigantic, which will deliver a new hero and numerous skins. Later this month, get the fans of third-person Gigantic a package full of new content delivered. Developers Motiga and publisher Perfect World announced the major update called “Eternal Dawn”, which is already on 23 February for the Windows 10 and Xbox 1 version will be released by Gigantic. Of the normal PC version is in the article on the official side of Perfect World’s Arcade Arcade Arcade, but the Open Beta is limited to the Microsoft console and the current operating system of the company.

Great Eternal Dawn

However the content of Eternal Dawn will not arrive all at once but delivered in a weekly rhythm. From 23 February for example, you can slip into the skin of a new hero. This is the lance swinging. She is an eternity from the stars and now walks among the mortals. Zadora is a supporter with the focus on melee and aura, with which she strengthens herself and her teammates.

If you bought the founder package, you will get free access to Zadora with the release of the update. In addition, there will be a special Auriol skin for the new fighter and 18 weapon skins of the “Eternal Light” type one for every hero in Gigantic. You get these progress rewards when you level a hero on level 10. On March 2, a new creature to help you on the battlefield will expand Gigantic.

The Storm-Drake attacks with lightning strikes that jump from one enemy to the next. In the weeks thereafter (9, 16 and 23 March) there is still an Auriol skin for the heroes Beckett. Your old man has apparently blessed the temporal. This is the course of things you cannot change that. Life goes on mind! Of course, you are in Alaska looking for him!