Hello everyone, September may be upon us but summer is still here – apparently – and here we thought it would be best to cling on to that theme. Happy Birds is a great way to portray the wonders of summer through a computer slot machine, and it’s proving to be a popular game currently on casino.netbet.co.uk.

The bright, airey, colourful screen is a perfect display for the season that is just coming to an end. It encourages players to indulge themselves in all things sunshine, and it is perfectly transferred from computer screen to player. It is guaranteed to brighten up a cold, wet, dark evening during the autumn and winter months.


The processes of playing the game is easy to understand, no matter if you are new to the world of online casino. Players can decide their stake amount via choosing their favourable bet type and original stake, and once this has been concluded then players are free to click spin.

The domineering icon in the bottom centre of the screen teases you towards it, much like the ice cream van does whilst walking down the beach. However unlike the guilt associated with eating such a luxury, there are no such feelings provoked when clicking ‘Spin,’ just pleasure.

Once that has happened 48,600 coins could be won from any of the 243 pay lines on the five reels. The pay tables of all the icons are enough to spark up some enjoyment, especially if the bonus or free spin symbols are aligned at the same time in any of the pay lines. The info graphics include some cute birds that are sure to appeal to the animal lovers out there; and even if you aren’t one, they are too adorable to be ignored.

Overall, the big winnings and wonderful enjoyment that can be had makes it a perfect online slot game to be played at this time of year. The winnings that have been claimed on NetBet are enough to book anyone’s dream summer holiday for 2016. So as the nights start to come in, snuggle up to a game of Happy Birds on casino.netbet.co.uk. It is certain to brighten up your evening.