You’ve always dreamed of being a real superhero to hunt and rouse the world through the world? Then take off your bathrobe, slip into the fluffy slippers and let’s go! As an ordinary consumer nothing happens in your life. In the daytime, you drive the time with the same things you are far away from heroic deeds. In the free Hero Zero, you get the chance to become a super hero. Of course, this does not happen overnight. You have to work hard on your normal.

Hero Zero Game

You grab a character of your choice and embark on an exciting adventure full of dangers, but also funny events. You get up your sleeves and go to work. Before you do your first super heroic deeds, first you have to put together an appropriate outfit. In addition, in Hero Zero you’ll always find it.

Bath slippers, ropes that serve you as a belt, bathrobes and showering are just some examples of adequate equipment. Once hatched into the outfit, you feel like an invincible hero. In the further course of the game, you improve the abilities of your character. Strength, condition, intuition and grips must be brought if you want to face the villains of the city.

You travel through different areas and take varied missions everywhere. Once you start playing against peculiar teenagers, sometimes you push a pushy insider from the house of a desperate lady or you fight against other heroes. The battles are round-based, blow on strike. You cannot intervene directly in combat, so you should strengthen your character beforehand. Various items of equipment are at your disposal. Hero Zero is a very good game once can start you will get more pleasure. So do not miss the game and start from today. To get more game news stay with us.