About two years after the start of the Open Beta, lists the free-to-play strategy-shooter mix Heroes & Generals additional than five million registered players a milestone that will be celebrated zaftig, find the developer. In addition, how does it work best? Of course with gifts for all the heroes and generals

Heroes & Generals

From now on, you can redeem for formal time a special bonus code given you 200 gold units free. For this, you go to the settings of the game “Redeem Coupon” and copy the following code into the suitable field. Then you, the gold will be credited automatically. You are however you should push ahead a little, because the bonus for Heroes & Generals is only until Monday, the 18th May by 10 clock in the morning valid.

Heroes & Generals Bonus Code

Exceeding the five-million-player limit has not prompted operators to nor can they publish a few more interesting stats. Thus did you in Heroes & Generals far delivered more than 11 million battles, where 13 billion bullets have been verballert. On your bike you have also traveled over 60 million kilometers should create for tight calves.

Thus, the people not only in droves for the game to register, but as long as possible also active again asserted that the developers publish regular new content to ensure motivation provisions and other objects. Last month is only the content update named “Utz” went live, which has made you, among other things a new card “Forward Airfield” brings and improved weapons and characters.