Valve blessed us with another operation pack and this time it is called Hydra. So, if you want to try e-sports bets, now you have new skins to bet with at Of course, a new set of operations means a new weapon crate, new maps, and new skins. But wait, there is more.

The operation also comes with new game modes such as the Flying Scoutsman, Heavy Assault Suit, Headshots Only, etc. But what can this new set of maps and skins affect the future tournaments and e-sports betting? Let’s find out.


The Maps

With the new set of operations, we also have a new set of maps; some of them have been played before. Even so, these maps are cs_agency, de_austria, de_blackgold, cs_insertion, de_lite, de_shipped and de_thrill. Some of these maps have a high chance of getting into the competitive scene.

And you know what that means? It means that they have a great chance of getting selected for the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments. Our money is mostly on de_thrill map and de_austria. Cs_agency is a good option, but we don’t see it.

De_blackgold can be a great map, but it is too clunky while de_lite has no middle lane. Let’s be honest; it’s a “go from point A to point B” type of map, in other words, it has no dynamics, and it is very boring. Cs_insertion, on the other hand, is a beautiful and very different map but it won’t be played at a competitive level because of the fog.

De_shipped can also be seen as a competitive map but suffers from the same disadvantage as de_blackgold.


New skins mean new ways to bet. But it also means that you can bet with a few new skins because they are high in value, for a short period. If you bought the operation and completed a couple of missions, you will get a drop, either a skin or a weapon’s crate.

The crate can also be sold at a high price, which you can later convert into skins to finance a bet. If you finished the missions, you could do the online events, and you will get further drops.

 Future Tournaments

As we stated before, a part of these new maps can be used for future games of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We would love to see Virtus.Pro versus Fnatic on cs_insertion map, taking blind shots, making the crowd go crazy.

Of course, these new maps still need some work to be done as they offer some advantages to certain teams.

Besides the regular five versus five mode, the two versus two mode can be rejuvenated using these new maps as well. If you don’t know what we are talking about, just find a lobby where the Wingman mode is activated, and you will see for yourself. You don’t need the operation to play this type of mode and map.


If you have the operation, then it’s time to make the best out of it. Get some skins, sell some crates and start betting at site.