Only at the end of last year, which was free-to-play online game Dauntless officially announced. On the PAX South, which took place last weekend in San Antonio, Texas, the trade fair visitors were already able to play the title. Among other things, a colleague of the PC Gamer had the opportunity which shared his impressions with the public afterwards. Dauntless is something like a Monster Hunter with even more well-known multiplayer focus.


Could be tested at the PAX South including the combat system of MMOs, which according to the report strongly relies on combos. Your actions in the battles consume endurance, as you know from games like Dark Souls. In addition, it should be quite important to escape the attacks of your opponents by clever evasive maneuvers. All this promises very fast and action-packed battles. But tactics should not be neglected here: PC Gamer writes that her various attacks your character and the great “Behemoth” monster to learn and memorize you must if ye do not want to be torn to pieces. According to Polygon, the clashes with the giant beasts may take more than 20 minutes.

The battles with the Behemoths will not be a walk.

The fact that Dauntless is based on a free-to-play model has already been known since the announcement. If you are worried the developers could make money with pay-to-win methods here, we can calm you down. The studio Phoenix Labs has assured you that you can spend only for cosmetic gimmicks and experience boosters or similar money.

There are no inexperienced people at Dauntless: the 40-member team of Phoenix Labs consists of former employees of the big Bio Ware studios Riot Games, Blizzard. Currently, Dauntless is supposed to approach the status where a closed alpha would be possible. Later, of course, there should be a Beta phase before the game will be released later this year for Windows PCs.