In the course of the “Lunar Festival”, there is a lunar lion as a riding animal in League of Angels 2, which you can win at the Wheel of Fortune. You know the lioness dance. This is the traditional Chinese dance usually two people under a lion costume. Nowadays it is one of the well-known customs of the Chinese New Year. Following the lion dance is now in free online role-playing game League of Angels 2 from the house Interactive, a new mount that you can only get hold until tomorrow. The talk is of the “Lunar Lion” or the Moon flower, as it is called in German.

League of Angels 2

In order to add the Mount in League of Angels 2, which you can play completely in the browser, to your collection, you must try your luck at the wheel of fortune. If you really dribble the lion, you will get not only a chic, but also an extremely useful riding animal. The magical creature has two powerful abilities. There would be the “Lunar Dance”. With this moon dance, your lion reduces the defense and endurance value of all opponents by ten percent in a fight for two rounds.

This will increase your evisceration value by 1.4% in each round. However, this effect is only stacked a maximum of five times, but then stops until the end of a fight. With the “Lunar Lion” at your side, you have so a good mount. Should you want to have this essence necessarily, you now remain just waiting till tomorrow it via the wheel of Fortune in Chinese League of Angels 2 win.

The bigger your college the more students you will be visiting. Then send her to the seminary and let her develop into arsonist’s alchemists or necromancers. However, each student must also learn a second profession. Thus, there are three possible combinations for the junior wizards. You need the graduates to unlock new technologies in Evener’s extended research tree.