Ligretto has been one of the most popular card games, which are always unpacked in the living room. Ligretto is not a slow card game. This is where all players play at the same time and have to get rid of their own cards as quickly as possible. Instead, the cards must be placed on the table in the correct order before other players can get the same idea. Only when the last card has been removed from the pile is the game finished. The game usually takes only a few minutes, but it is very intense. Ligretto is played with up to four players at the same time.


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Ligretto 2 Before the actual game Ligretto can begin the individual cards from the pack must be taken and mixed. However, the cards are not arbitrarily mixed they must be sorted according to the different colored backs. Each player now gets his or her own card set in one color. This must then be mixed vigorously. Then 10 cards are taken from the pile and placed face down. Now three cards are placed side by side. If this is done, the game can begin.

In Ligretto, all players play at the same time, which is why a quick comprehension is required. The players must first place the 1-card on the table so that a series can be started. If the 1 is in the middle, the 2 can be placed on the 1 here however the 2 is necessary in the same color, which also has the 1. A red 2 must not be placed on a blue one. The colors within the stacks must be adhered to.

A stack is considered completed when the lowest card is a 1 and the top card ends with a 10. If this is the case, the stack can be removed from the table. The players can only use the cards from the Ligreto stack (the 10 placed cards) or the three hand cards placed on the table. The goal of the game is that the Ligretto staple disappears. If no more cards can be placed from the Ligretto stack or the hand cards, the pile is taken with the cards and mixed.

The three hand cards move into the stack and three new cards are placed. When a game is finished the points are counted. For each card you discard, a player gains a plus. There are two minus points for each card in the Ligretto stack. Whoever has the most points decides the game for him. As a rule, a game takes just 15 to 20 minutes.