The game had a somewhat difficult start in 2014, where the game mechanics and little content played against him. However, over the years the game has been improved considerably. To this point, which is one of the best titles of Action RPG you will find in the market.

It is a game of Action / RPG, created and designed by one of those responsible for Diablo / Diablo 2.

But the game is based on El Universo Marvel, giving us the chance to play with a huge variety of heroes, in a variety of missions and adventures. Nowadays, the Marvel universe has expanded to another level,there are many online Marvel games and you can even play online slots with your favorite Marvel characters.


Marvel Heroes is a good game to be MMO. Perhaps the only thing that plays against is the great facility you have and the size of some of their patches. Unlike other games, this allows you to acquire almost everything if you put time and dedication, basically in 10-15 days can accumulate the amount needed to acquire another hero and further expand the game.

One of the things I liked I was here is that you own your account with a roster of heroes at your disposal, so when purchasing a new character parts completely from scratch, but all your items and stuff collected remain and it is your responsibility to manage items between your heroes.

In addition at any time you can switch between heroes so removes the problem of other games that tend to reset your gameplay when playing with another class. It has several systems which can be shared between your characters as abilities system synergy and omega system.

Do you like ARPG? Do you also like to have heroes marvel? Do not hesitate, marvel heroes 2015 is your choice.

An example of a F2P can be perfectly without being a P2W. It should be noted that all the heroes can get playing and even costumes, although the latter is more difficult. Anyway all you have to pay are the tabs that while needed, nor is it guaranteed or assumed difference with other players in terms of their ability.

As for the game itself, it has several game modes for all types of players: patrols, terminals, raids, pvp, etc. Their heroes and content updates are constant where hero’s middle there is a new one every month and not neglected at all to others, having reworks for them.

Without doubt, try it, you lose nothing to try it and can even hook you more than what you expected.

The game can play be played for free, testing all heroes to level 10. Unlike other titles like Star Wars: The Old Republic, the gameplay resembles not so much a MMORPG, but rather, to traditional game action / RPG, which gives you a way to much more dynamic and entertaining bout.

“Marvel Heroes 2016” is a revised version of “Marvel Heroes” game version, released year and a half ago and did not quite work well. By adding 2016, Marvel and Gazillion say “is the same game, but much better.” And so it is. It is quite different from the original version game, and now works much better.

In short, it is a game in which they may invest for hours without worrying about paying. And when they do, they know that these purchases will unlock for heroes.

Definitely worth. Do not miss it! Marvel Heroes 2016 is available in both Windows and Mac. If you liked the game series “Diablo” and you’re a fan of Marvel, this game is for you.