In Monster Crush, you defend a sleeping baby against wild dream monsters. The Android-Game with classic tower defense gameplay comes up with a funny comic graphics and dissimilar game modes. In free-to-play mobile game Monster Crush, your task is to defend a baby with the help of defense towers. Tapping on the meadow is enough and already is your primary juice extractor. A baby bottles tower however slows down the little monsters who want to jump into the dreams of your sleeping baby. For each completed Phantasm, you get a few power points. Have you collected enough of them you get the chance to build new towers or improve existing ones.

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In Monster Crush, you are confronted with specific targets in each level. Even if you have unlocked new towers, you must use it only if it is permitted in the level description. Monsters attack the world in waves. In addition, they like in classic tower protection games customary walk along a fixed path. If you stop winning that the Monster your baby get too close you get at the end of the round in adding to gold coins and a gold medal. Are some monsters come from side to side there are silver when you have just managed to bronze. A second gold medal you get when you destroy during the game all the ornamental objects on the map.

This is also a good idea as far as you reap additional power points if you destroy the decorations. Do you collect in several levels all medals you unlock in Monster Crush Bonus missions? They are a little more hard but you bring it even more gold coins. At certain points, you get a monster egg as an extra reward. Little by little fills up so your monster nests with cute creatures. You feed them they reach a higher level and become stronger. In addition they can be used in so-called Escape mode. Here they run away in the circle in front of other monsters.