Take a seat surrounded by hordes of monsters that go after each of your commands. Build a dark fortress and cover the whole country in perpetual darkness. In Monsters Army throw you into a raging conflict between vampires and werewolves. As involuntary participant now you need to decide which side would like to stand up for you.  It started the matter quite in a dissimilar way. You were actually just the bearer of a message. No even that because the handset you have not done it.

When you wake up much later slowly center of the forest again, you can easily to remember nothing more. Bite marks on aching neck let you only guess what could happen last night. Slowly you get back on your feet but you become aware of that something is wrong. Slowly inside you grows an inhuman desire for a bloody piece of meat.

Monsters Army Description

The game play you open with the choice of the site for which you want to fight. Kill enemies as a mighty werewolf or hunt your opponents with the elegance of a leech and perhaps some help from black magic. Surrounded by the open darkness there is only room for one people at night. Every nation has its own advantages and disadvantages. While werewolves thanks to their strength are good melee and stir up any battle line the vampires is chiefly good magician. But what they very vulnerable in close combat does.

In order to build the necessary force it is first necessary to ordinary base. Build a resolution and build them continuously. The development is only possible if you interact farsighted with obtainable resources and consistent research. The research is not to be underestimated even among the creatures of darkness. Better technology would allow you to beef up your armies and equip them with dangerous weapons. Think about not too long, but determined to propose. May you be at daybreak the undisputed prince of darkness?