In MU Classic, you explore a fantastic online world and bring in yourself adventurous challenges. Only if you manage to curb the powers of darkness stop, can permanently bring peace in the land of Laurencin. Two terrible wars ravaged the land of Laurencin and plunged the kingdom into a never-ending chaos. The free online role-playing game MU Classic you explore the mysterious fantasy world and introduce yourself to the dark forces next to which threaten the whole world.

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However before you go on your adventure trip and you are on the search for the origin of evil, you must first create a hero in MU Classic. You can choose between different player classes, each of which naturally affects the other pitch.   The knight, for example, a typical warrior class and is characterized by a thick armor and a skillful handling of various weapons. He prefers to take the sword or ax and thus maltreated his opponents.

As a magician, not you stretch out your enemies with weapons down, but beating her by means of vicious spells to flight. The elfin archer other hand, is a master of ranged weapons whether bow or crossbow, her eyes miss nothing. In addition, she knows some useful spells. Do not let the innocent look of the archer with their butterfly wings not very misleading! You can order flutter like a butterfly, but do neither with their arrows neat to inflict damage.

In addition, two additional player classes you are in the free-to-play online game available once you succeed Level 220 to climb the Magic Knight and the Dark Lord. In MU Classic, you travel the country and take of different people jobs. The victorious completion of each assignment you brought next to rare items and shiny gold coins valuable experience points. With their help, your hero is constantly improving his skills and with time almost invincible. By this, you really should as soon as possible to work! At first, you fight even against lower beasts as vicious spiders and dragons puppies. However, very soon you realize that in the world of Laurencin lurk far more dangerous creatures to you and seek your life.