Hello friends today we will tell you the new online my free farm game with a small farm you start but quickly will you be transformed to owners of a thriving agricultural operation. You will do that of course only if you unpack vigorously with on the farm. It is not easy to keep a farm in surplus. As you plant at one end to carrots and is already waiting in the bed next-door first vegetables to harvest. Then there is still regularly come by with watering and fertilizer. However, what the heck workaholic Farmer do the work on yourself, because in the end finally waving a big winnings.

My Free Farm game Description

If you do it right you sell your freshly harvested products more profitably. However, not only plants are the focus. As befits a real farm, you will also find the free browser game many animals, which are eager to be pampered from you every day My Free Farm. Besides chickens and cows, you dedicate your time many other farm animals.

Once you have planted the first vegetable that farm game storming your hut! From carrots to potatoes Everything you want you buy at the best possible price. Stay at My Free Farm that you rid of them lots of goodies at a moderate price. After all, you need the money urgently to bring your farm into shape. In simple crop products is far from final.

Much of it you will be able to process in order to subsequently produce goat yogurt candy or great porcini oil. In addition you let it go you really well on the ornamental farm after all it is your figurehead. Make it according to your ideas. With a Rose bowl and pretty flowers, you draw envious glances magically. In small you diligently harvested goods to farm customers while unlocks more buyers over promotions and tidy money in your cash register.