The free MMORPG Fiesta Online received a major update a week before Easter, which not only made many balancing changes, but also implemented event content. Among other things, a new Kingdom Quest is waiting for you: In “The Golden Egg!” Is about the trader Kenton wants to find the Easter eggs that were stolen. Travel to Elderine and then set out to find the eggs. That of course will not go unpunished. Kenton has even more Easter quests for you. You should definitely pay him a visit. Furthermore, there is an Easter tree in all the big cities of the fantasy realm Isya, the scene of Fiesta Online. If you swing the leg in its shadow, you will get a great buff.

Easter Golden Egg

The golden egg is the focus of the Easter Kingdom quest.

Anyone who likes to pull through dungeons in the motley RPG and settles with the bosses, who live there, will surely be interested to know that some of the opponents have become stronger. This affects, among other things, the demonic Queen Karen. You should therefore exercise caution when dealing with the woman. In the case of world boss Khazul on Eya Island, it even looks like he has learned new skills.

In addition, the update still includes many detail changes. For example, the Fiesta Online client immediately tries to rebuild it without having to log in again in case you lose the connection to the server when switching maps. In addition, some bugs have been fixed. So there should be no more herbs on Eya. This is outside the walk-in area, and who has Windows XP installed on his computer, should have no more problems to launch Fiesta Online.

It is standard in Duelyst that there will be a new boss fight at the weekend. California developer Counterplay Games serves fans of the free collectible card game every week with a new, time-limited challenging challenge. This time you will be dealing with a Paragon in Duelyst not to be confused with Epic Games’ eponymous game, which will be pulped in April.