The details of the fifth part of the “Oceanic Future” in Forge of Empires are here thanking the Beta server. Man, the “Oceanic Future” the latest epoch in Forge of Empires, has a lot to offer! Soon more content will be added. The German developer and publisher Inno Games has announced the information on the fifth part of the expansion. The new features are already available on the beta server of the free strategy game. How long they will be tested until the official release can be done is not known.

oceanic future

In any case, you can look forward to a bunch of new features for Forge of Empires. The fifth part of the “Oceanic Future” has, among other things, 20 new main quests and 10 side missions. Of course, there are also other additions to your city. In addition to a new level for the “Oceanic Terminal”, you can expect a new residential building, two production and cultural buildings as well as a military building and a decoration. In addition, there are four extensions, eight provinces for the campaign map with 39 sectors and 3 avatars. New technologies to explore must not be missing: there will be eight of these.

Forge of Empires “Oceanic Future” Part 5

The contents of the fifth part of the “Oceanic Future” are known first a tankard of beer. Like the four previous parts of the “Oceanic Future”. The next part will also provide fresh members for the crew of your submarine. These are the two siblings Russel and Rosa, which strengthen each other. Furthermore, a new unit celebrates its debut in Forge of Empires. The Octopod is a heavy fighting machine that uses its tentacles to injure opponents standing in the fields next to it. At the same time, the Octopod can actively attack other enemies. The unit will logically be trained in the new military building. The latter would also be useless if it did not give you access to a new unit.