Play dragon’s blood 2 and save the world as a dragon knight. In the free MMORPG Dragon Blood 2 you become the mighty Dragon Knight and protect the world from dark forces! A magical world, winged warriors and warriors, dragons and lightly clad women. Dragon Blood 2 is an Asian MMO, as it is written in the book. The free role-playing game takes you into a fantasy empire that is threatened by dark forces. In addition, of course you are one of the chosen ones who must avert the downfall. However, you are not alone, because on the one hand you form a completely heroic team, on the other hand you can ally with other players.

dragon's blood 2

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Dragon’s Blood 2 begins with the selection of your main character. There are no different classes you just choose the gender of your hero. In any case, you are a Dragon Knight blessed with special abilities. In the MMORPG you’ll explore a game world full of monsters and baddies. That you use to engage in turn-based combat. In the beginning, you are still alone, but quite soon other fighters join your group. As you progress through the game, you will be collecting more and more characters with different skills in store. Leveling up every single figure will keep you busy for weeks and months.

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For the many challenges in Dragon’s Blood 2, however, you need to have a steeled knight. The online game features various dungeons that lurk particularly dangerous opponents. However, if you defeat them, you will be rewarded with particularly powerful items. In addition to the PvE there is also a PvP arena in which you measure yourself with other players. Dragon’s Blood 2 generally has a lot of scope. There are several mounts and wings waiting for your hero to unlock. In addition, you even have the opportunity to marry other characters. That is part of an online role-playing game.