Duty calls. Grab your weapon and go to Warface with allies for good in the war! In the Middle East, a conflict threatens to escalate over the last energy reserves. As a member of a special unit, you make the last line of defense in online shooter Warface. Blackwood, a terrorist paramilitary organization, seeks to control resources such as oil in various parts of the world to bring the world into economic chaos. An elite soldier called Warface is the only one capable of averting the threat. You are a fresh-born member of this troupe, and as a soldier in the war game. It is your duty to bring you down to the battlefield.

Play warface and experience exciting co-op actions

In first-person shooter Warface you can decide in which role you want to support your team. You have four classes to choose from Gunners are well suited for close up and medium range fighting and can replenish ammunition. Therefore, every team can use a shooter well. Paramedics are literally essential to survival. If something goes wrong with a co-op mission, the paramedic can heal and revive his friends. Engineers are versatile. Using mines, the Engineer deals great damage to enemies while helping allies recover armor.  Snipers are a great addition to the team as they can eliminate enemy targets from a great distance. In Warface’s co-op mode, there are several missions to choose from, each with a different level of difficulty:

  • Easy: At least three players per team, good warm-up and basic equipment to deal with
  • Normal: At least three players per team, with a paramedic should be there. The basic equipment is to make it easier with better weapons and armor.
  • Hard: At least four players per team, at least one paramedic must be on board. It takes skill and good equipment for these missions.
  • Insane: At least four players must be per team including at least one paramedic. In addition to skills and equipment, it needs a well-rehearsed team to succeed here.

In addition, there is versus mode in Warface, with up to eight players per team fighting for survival. It is always possible to change the class. In addition, once you reach rank 25, you can try out special missions that require a lot of skill, but also bring you great rewards and achievements if you master them.