Whichever side you choose?

As it suggests the title game Elvenar by now, you swing your way around the free browser game on the ruler of the elves. However, you are in the strategy game does not necessarily obliged only to direct the destinies of the pointy eared people. Rather you decide at the beginning if you want to stand up for the supernatural mythical creatures or rather for the people. Depending on how your choice fails, designed your game further. The difference between the two peoples is reflected in the buildings, the exportable technologies as well as in the respective armies. The incentive of the parties differs entirely from each other. While the elves seek a survival in harmony with nature people always want to go higher and trying to get better their engineering skills.

Playing and ivory or build human city Elvenar

Upgrade your settlement

In order to transform at first small settlement into a bustling metropolis and the heart of your empire, you manage the available resources farsighted and care about the development of additional sources of income. An important growth factor in the strategy game also progress alongside the financial system. New technologies allow you to level up buildings to higher efficiency and better equip your troops. With rising progress will open up to you constantly new opportunities to advance your people.

In Elvenar the virtual lands remain completely spared from war. On a particular Multiplayer map, you interact with the other players of browser games. Here you negotiate with them, forge powerful alliances or fight next to them if deemed necessary. The turn-based battles of strategy game Elvenar take place in a full 3D environment. How you command the dissimilar unit and monster types, decide the outcome of each battle.