The Order 1886 is one of the strongest bets exclusive Playstation 4. I could see and try at E3 2104 and these are my impressions. The Order 1886 is a game of action and horror, third-person and set in Victorian London in the late nineteenth century. It is a next generation title pure, with great graphics and a unique immersion. Let’s see in detail what makes it so powerful.

Action and Victorian horror

I could see and play two different moments of the game. One calmer, intending to tell the story of the game and get into the skin of these paranormal vigilantes. And a second scene a lot more action in fighting against other humans, apparently enemies of the Order.

The Order 1886

The first mission was an extension of the demo seen on the Sony conference. Here, Sir Galahad investigated within a hospital for a monstrous being, a werewolf. In this chapter you can clearly see the work of comprehensive documentation that the development team has over 7 years (as I explained in camera). In fact, he said the producer could create 15 games, 3 films, 7 books and more comics if they wanted. I said if you wonder about the possibility that there may be a sequel…

In addition to the millimeter setting that there is something else that gives realism to the game: details. The Order 1886 is really full of little magical moments that put you even more in this adventure. For example, the whole scenario is interactive in one way or another. You can destroy bullets if you want, but better than that is to look around you. There are newspapers, papers, letters, posters, and gramophones with voice recordings… things that you can interact and will reveal small parts of the whole story. Sure you can move around, and there are things I did not even notice at first glance (though curiously degrade the experience without wings). But are all those details that make it even more immersive game.

The second part I could play was a street war between the Order and their human enemies. Something much more traditional from a playable view. What caught my attention was the fluidity of all scenes: action moments merge with non-playable cut scenes. It’s all the same engine and as soon as you are playing the characters suddenly start talking to each other.

That feeling of playing a movie sometimes breaks the dreaded Quick Time Events (simple but, in my opinion, unnecessary). It is a pity that recourse to this form to involve the player when usually it goes.

Graphics to another level

It is obvious that the first thing that stands out from The Order 1886 is your graphic paragraph care, which enters through the eyes. Both the movie scenes almost look like for an absolutely brilliant artistic design. At the controls the game performs very well, although the camera too close to the back of the main character annoyed me a little. It’s something I already happening in other games like Resident Evil 5 Still is controlled very well and has some interesting ideas that blend with the traditional concepts of gender.

The main gun has a traditional shot. First you shoot a sort of fire-retardant powder your enemies with one of the triggers of the control, and then burn it by pressing another button with which you throw a ball of fire. If you do not like the gun is useless.

You also have a more traditional gun handy and accessible at any time. But of course causes massive destruction to the standard rifle. These “shot-blasting” wreak havoc on stage; it breaks and shatters realistically (albeit within certain margins). Sure there will be more weapons, but for now all we have been taught.


It is always risky to create a new game franchise. The work invested in The Order 1886 is given to several games, as I said before, but that will only happen if this first chapter manages to connect with the players. From what I’ve seen and played these days of E3, The Order 1886 has wood be a playable reference in the coming years, or “Gears of War Killer”, if you prefer to see it this way. Now what remains is expected to launch on February 20, 2015.