Today we want to expand the free action game Armored Warfare in a big way. The update 0.23 called “Caribbean Crisis” will implement the new special operations. This is a PvE mode here you complete a series of missions that tell a coherent story. The whole thing will be episodic and should regularly extend updates. The first special operation gives its name to the Armored Warfare update 0.23. Caribbean Crisis is a new enemy in 2042 trying to bring the world into chaos. Of course, this should prevent. Therefore, you go with friends or other teammates to thwart the opponent’s plans. The update will include three missions that you can play on the difficulty levels “Standard” and “Hardcore”.

PvP battles

Even those players who prefer PvP battles will get new food. For example, that is in the form of the grass field’s card. It puts you in the woods and in the meadows of Eastern Croatia. The map offers large, open areas. That is very well suited for the use of heavily armored vehicles. In addition, the battlefield offers several options for flank maneuvers. Visually, the map makes many pictures on the pictures.

Furthermore, you can also fight in the future in Armored Warfare at night. The new night battles will be in both PvP and PvE. First, however, the battles in the dark are limited to a PvP card of the tank game. Fittingly, this is the grass field map. In addition, the update introduces 0.23 bot adversaries in Tier 1 and Tier 2 PvP battles, as well as a new dossier surface and epic medals. When exactly the update should appear is not yet known.

The focus will be on the naval battle in front of the North Cape. On 25 and 26 December 1943, the German Reich and the British fought off the coast of Norway. The Germans wanted to intercept a British North Sea convoy on the way to Murmansk. The navy deployed five destroyers and a battleship. The Scharnhorst, which was the only ship, sunk in the battle. It was the first German battleship built after the First World War. At the New Year’s event in World of Warships, you will experience a campaign. In which you play the fight in front of the North Cape.

On the accompanying maps, you will get a lot of snow and ice. It is also logical, after all, at the time of the battle. There was winter and the North Cape is not one of the warmest regions on earth. The whole thing also fits in wonderfully with the current season and weather conditions.  If you are master the new event campaign in the war game World of Warships, you will get all sorts of rewards. The most desirable will certainly be the new Tier VII premium battleship, the British HMS Duke of York. She was one of the barges used in the naval battle off the North Cape.