In, parents of famed Candy Crush Saga, not out of ideas to create new games. The last to arrive to mobile platforms after trying fortune as an application for the social network Facebook is Pyramid Solitaire Saga. A title that this time focuses on the mechanics of the classic card game Solitaire, but adding all those social and monetary items that seem to be working very well in casual games for smartphones and tablets. It is an ideal gift for fans of this game which wish to enter fully into the entertainment aspect of the social juices.

In Pyramid Solitaire Saga puts the player in the role of a young British archaeologist named Helena. During a trip by plane the protagonist discovers the eye symbol of Isis, with such bad luck that the engine of its aircraft crashes and ends up crashing in a region near the river Nile Here begins the adventure, discovering different levels and magical worlds that not only carry you through Egypt, but also underwater locations, Mayan pyramids and a lot of places. Through all levels that play solitaire.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga

As usual, the story of the games is just an excuse to raise gameplay that otherwise could be repetitive. A good reason for wanting to advance through the story and discover new places, unlockables, level types, and so on. This always is focusing on the cards and playing cards in numerical order.

Something that may seem simple, but there is to invest quite logical, since the levels are more or less prepared, can fail and get stuck in any of them if you do not think about the movements. Something that players Candy Crush Saga are accustomed.

Its gameplay is simple. Simply touch the cards on the board to sort in ascending or descending numerical order. When the player is trapped in a movement, has a deck at the bottom where you get a limited number of cards to keep trying their luck. Also, this game features wildcards that allow use as any card to continue playing without spending the deck.

And there’s more. As happens in Candy Crush Saga, there are power-ups that let you perform some special actions during the game to make things easier for the user. Enhancers are purchased with gold bullion or, if you do not have them with real money. Something also applies to the cards that function as the hearts of Candy Crush Saga.

In short, a fun game that also excels in its social aspect. And, to be linked to the social network Facebook, you can compare scores with friends, send gifts and help from them. The title Pyramid Solitaire Saga is now available for both Android and for iOS via Google Play and App Store. It is free with in-app purchases.