StarCraft is the kind of game that for years and years to come. Its fans with great similarity to Apple will remain faithful to this method of entertainment and will never stop playing. This creation of Blizzard, the same company that created great names like World of Warcraft or over watch started with StarCraft almost two decades ago, since it was born on March 31, 1998.

remastering star craft

Having such an age, that for a person can be quite young, but for a game would be the equivalent of being about 150 years. Today’s computers have too much hardware to waste in software that does not require just these. In the chaos of the MacBook and iMac this thinking is reinforced, since in the last WWDC they presented us their new models of each range, which came with seventh generation Intel processors.

Then came the StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 created this type of problems seen by Blizzard years ago. Which became one of the most played games in history. It is clear examples of why computers are the largest platform to play video games that exist. StarCraft 2 became such a global sensation that even electronic sports leagues created, mainly in South Korea. The competitive aspect of this game became history when the king of the MOBA came to dethrone him, League of Legends. It is the best leading games in the franchise that is Blizzard.

It seems that the company that created StarCraft almost two decades ago has reached an agreement with Apple or something similar. Since as we could see in the aforementioned WWDC, the new MacBook come with better hardware, but also bring a few screens of 4 in the case of the iMac these reach 5K. So Blizzard will do a complete remastering of this game that has given so much to talk about for many years for Mac users, in 4K. This will come in August of this year, more specifically the 14 having a price of $ 14.99. You know, now you have another reason to play the game that marked your childhood, StarCraft is back to stay.