Revelation Online will go into this month in a new Beta phase, which will offer more content than the previous versions. However, you will also need a new key. So you have more time a whole week to drive around experience adventure. It is a very popular game. As a reason for the prolongation of the test phase, those responsible indicated that the originally targeted two weeks had not been able to reach the maximum level 69 and to see all the contents that were missing in the previous two betas.

Revelation Online

Original message from 01.11.2017: All good things are three: After the free MMORPG Revelation Online was playable already in two closed test phase last year, is available in this month, the third closed beta on. However, the thing has a catch: who registered for the beta of Revelation Online and got a key for the previous tests, this time is not automatically back on board. In fact, a new code is required to gain access to the servers.

Will you always on the third closed beta of the online role-playing game to participate in the Far East you have to buy you one of the founder’s packages? Only those guarantee participation. Otherwise, you have no other choice but to hope that the responsible persons will again select you as a tester. If the level limit has so far been at 49, the maximum level in the next beta phase will be 69. This means, of course, that you should expect a lot more of the quests and areas because somewhere you have to get the necessary experience points. However, developers and publishers have not yet given much information on the concrete innovations of the third beta of Revelation Online.