You will encounter numerous difficulties, mishaps, but also an extremely fascinating underwater world with imaginative flora and fauna, which is unparalleled in the game universe. In the beginning, you find yourself in a rescue pod with some items and a factory worker to get started. The Aurora, your former spaceship, consists only of a radioactive contaminated wreck, near which one should not be too long. Finding food is the first commandment. So you go out and explore the surroundings. Plants collected and examined for their properties. You may also find raw materials. That can process into valuable materials.


Increase your chances of survival

Once the first critical phase is over it is now time to create a full-fledged base and expand it with all sorts of useful rooms, equipment and sufficient storage space. First, the foundation will be built on which the future buildings will be safe. Titanium and glass are mainly used. Pay attention to the water pressure. The deeper your base lies, the better the walls and windows must strengthen. Otherwise, a hull fracture threatens. It can only be repaired with a lot of effort.

At some point, it will be time to get into the real depths of the ocean to find rare resources. For this purpose, different companions can make from a seaplane to the metal diving suit or an opulent submarine the Cyclops. In order to be able to act more effectively under water, modules are necessary which greatly improve the effectiveness of the vehicles.

Of course, survival in the sea, which is inhospitable to humans, is not particularly easy. It is made even more difficult by aggressive marine life, which you should not get too close. On the bottom of the sea, true giants have made themselves comfortable. It absolutely does not want to be disturbed. However, experienced players know that even the biggest treasures are waiting behind the biggest dangers. In any case, Subnautica is a game that is worth a closer look due to the colorful graphics.