The decisions that were made during the First World War marked the history of an entire century. As the leader of a nation, you are in this game at the helm and meet the war-related decisions this time. The Europe after the turn of the century was a continent full of crises. Established world powers and emerging nations competed for the lucrative colonies and trading venues around the world.


The tensions led to the outbreak of a hitherto unprecedented material battle for resources and influence. The ensuing war in human history claimed millions of lives. At the end of 1918, the card has totally changed. Boundaries were redrawn. There were new winners and losers. This time you can in Supremacy 1914 replay free and directly in your web browser.

You are the leader of one of the then most powerful nations and introduce yourself the challenge to change the course of history in your favor. With elaborate strategies and cunning diplomacy, you make your opinions advantages over your colleagues. Up to 30 players can participate in a round. Grips are therefore a prerequisite, not a question. So you earrings a lasting victory, there are other factors as important. A good infrastructure and a healthy population count them just if you want to keep the upper hand in the fighting. So Build railways, ports and bring good food.

In the overview, you move your troops and make new goals for your army. Journeyman tactics alone will not be enough to carry off the victory lap. Only with powerful allies and a long-term tactic, you have a chance to survive. An alliance to which you can rely is, you give the necessary space. Finally, wilt thou at this war-game soar the undisputed ruler. Although each round in Supremacy 1914 several weeks to process, you pull with other heads of state in real time, so keep a cool head in your negotiations. It comes in and estimating the enemy and earlier rapid success on the battlefield.