Video games set in the Great War are rare compared to other races, especially the Second World War. Even the centennial encouraged to develop a batch of big-budget titles, despite the originality of the recent “Valiant Hearts: The Great War”.

Web History Games, specializing in historical games, recorded 1,435 total titles based on real wars throughout the history of video games. Of these, 884 are set in contemporary wars, with an overwhelming presence of the Second World War (add 514 to this year). That is, occurring between 1939 and 1945 the 35.8% of all war games of all history; the 58.14% of the set in the contemporary age. By contrast, the total number of titles on WWI is 44, less than 5% based on the current historical period.

Great War

Of those 44 games on the Great War, only four are in action, despite being based in a military conflict. Most are flight simulators (19), followed by strategy titles (17). The rest are from other genres like role. The number of games is not only lower compared to other conflicts, despite the historical significance, but the titles have never been pointers.

Few action games

Analysts agree essentially three points to explain this minor interest: trench warfare, complexity of the conflict and less U.S. involvement over other races. The first justification is that the conflict allegedly does not conform to conventional patterns entertainment consoles. Trench Warfare with long periods of inactivity, with fighting bare-chested on a land devastated by bombs, armed with machine guns or short-range with bolt-action rifles.

Great battles like the Somme or Verdun were huge, but have not been included in its rawness in video games. Despite the lack of direct action games, all launched in recent years, have recently appeared some titles first-person shooter, as “The Trench” (2013), and the beta is available “Verdun” and is in development ‘The Somme’.

Complexity of the conflict

Another reason put forward to explain the lack of titles on the Great War is the complexity of the conflict. The Second World War is easier to divide between good and evil, democracy against totalitarianism. The life of a Nazi in some video games has the same value as that of a Martian or a zombie; they are there to be shot. The simple Manichaeism not used to choose sides in the Great War.

Another cause gathered by analysts is the least active presence of the United States in the conflict. Although he fought, did not take up arms until 1917, and less involvement in World War II. United States is the largest producer and consumer of war games. Hence local conflicts as the Civil War have a greater presence on consoles 76 titles compared to 44 of the First World War as History Games.

Action games on the Great War are recent. Traditionally it is belonged almost exclusively to the strategy genre and flight simulators. The strategy, where the player takes control of the ubiquitous hosts includes “Guns of August” (2007) and “Toy Soldiers” (2010). The interest is aroused among simulators “Red Baron” (1990), “Knights of the Sky” (1991) or “Wings of War” (2004). The Red Baron himself has been a recurring character on consoles.

The Great War has also made original games. The adventure game “The Last Express” (1997) is a peculiar game in true Agatha Christie on the Orient Express, although it was one of the biggest commercial failures of the time. The recent “Valiant Hearts: The Great War” (2014) also overflowing originality. Mix adventure, puzzles and elements of role with a documentary aesthetic comic air and gray tones. It is a game with few shots, coral prominence and a faithful historical reenactment.