While Renzo’s fair is present even in Farmerama to Sunday, the next in-game event is already in the free building gamestarted. It is about “Mausketeers”. At the edge of your main packer, the “Wild Meadow” and the clearing you will find them and they want to have pansies. Clear thing, what you have to do: make arrangements. To do this, plant three types of pansies on your farm (white, orange, blue). There are also three different arrangements.


However, it does not matter which flowers you use for the production. From all three pansy species, all three arrangements can be produced. The important thing is that you need terracotta pots, with which you combine the flowers in the mill to make the arrangements. It should also be remembered that the different pansies take different lengths of time until they are fully-grown. The white ones take three.

Each time you make arrangements for a mouse-killer in Farmerama, you will receive a random mini-prize, such as experience points, super fertilizer or farm taler. If you give away certain amounts of Musketeers, you unlock the main rewards. These are, of course, decorations (three in number) and the associated cloud series. The latter will provide you with 28,000 XP and TEPs every 40 hours plus an Inspector Mauseau box.

Farmerama the Three Musketeers” cloud series. The new cloud series gives you a hefty amount of experience every 40 hours. Farmerama’s “The Three Mausetiere” event runs until 2pm on February 28th. Any player above level 3 can join and receive three pansies at the beginning and at least 10 white, 15 orange and 20 blue pansies. Players with a premium farm game account will each receive five more.

In Dark Gnome, you are not playing the good guys, but the bad guys. More specifically, you assume the role of Dwarf leader. In ancient times, they ruled the entire fantasy world of the online game. However, in the course of history, their power continued to decline. Meanwhile, they have only their own country under control, but that should change again. So you train the Dwarven warriors, get your artisans to make good equipment for the fight. Take off with your troops to conquer regions on the world map, which is like a civilization of hexes. This happens in turn-based, tactical battles.