You lead an army in the free strategy game Throne Kingdom at War to defeat other players and secure valuable resources. It is a descendant of the Great King, your quest in the free strategy game. Throne Kingdom at War is to ascend the throne and rule the entire kingdom. There is still a long way to go, because other than you. You have other interests in the influential post. Some players immediately reveal themselves to you as enemies. Others disguise themselves as allies and wait to attack you in a careless moment. Choose your close confidantes wisely.

kingdom at war

Before you, can plunge into the throes of Throne Kingdom at War build important buildings in your settlement? These include barracks and various production facilities such as farms, mines and quarries. The farms bring you food for the inhabitants of your city. You find iron in mines, and you promote stones with quarries. You need the resources to build and improve new buildings.

In addition to raw materials, you also need gold. You do not just have to pay for building your city, but also for upgrading units. You also invest gold in troop upgrades. You collect the precious metal by defeating other players on the battlefield and overpowering their cities. To protect your own gold in the medieval game keep hostile units at bay you set up defenses such as watchtowers. Your army made up of different units, such as knights, siege units and spies.

In Throne Kingdom at War, you cannot only fight against other players, but also join forces with them. To do this, you join a medal. Together with other members, you pass missions and overpower enemies. If you prefer to be your own master, you have the opportunity to start a medal yourself and invite other players. To do that, you need resources and lots of gold.