If there is a console that has increased its sales in recent weeks is Wii U. The new table of Nintendo surpassed PlayStation 4 for the second consecutive time in the Japanese market, thanks in any part to the overwhelming success of Mario Kart 8. Also be many who, attracted by the kart racing, you have done with the machine recently. To you this list with the 5 best games available for the console.

Pikmin 3

Almost a decade had to wait for Shigeru Miyamoto we gave away the third installment of Pikmin, one of its most intimate franchises. Pikmin 3 is one of those titles developed with tact, reflecting lovely visuals, life overflowing their environments and well-studied mechanical trialogue. In short, it is an approach to real-time strategy that will delight young and old, if only for the pleasure of exploring punctuated with soothing melodies. The multiplayer options round your first ‘must-have’ for Wii U.

Pikmin 3

Super Mario 3D World

New Super Mario Bros. U quenched our craving platforms at the premiere of Wii U, but tasted more of the same. Plumber wanted an adventure all the way, up to Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and what we got was a substitute for Super Mario 3D Land. The disappointment faded as he knelt tooth, dressed in an adorable cat costume. Super Mario 3D World is long delivery with more and better ideas (and winks) playable in years, a must buy that looks stunning in high definition. We can also enjoy it in the company of three other players.

Mario Kart 8

Wii U increases its sales a 666% United Kingdom following the release of Mario Kart 8. It is an irrefutable sign of success that we noted at the beginning. The explanation is crystal: no formula that has demonstrated greater invulnerability over time than Mario Kart, the favorite game of parents, girlfriends and grandparents as it allows them to beat us even when they go to the tail of a lack of career a spin. This eighth iteration preserves the addictive and decorated with the most impressive graphical section seen in any Nintendo console. We can also deal with brokers anywhere in the world!

Rayman Legends

Some consider Rayman Legends the best platform game for Wii U, even above Super Mario 3D World laureate. No exaggeration. The engine UbiArt Framework tale unfolds scenarios, quasi drawn and full of color, both on our TV screen as GamePad. Asymmetric options (or cooperative) game are definitely the main attraction of this tribute to two-dimensional and therefore breaks one of the most charismatic characters in the game. They say that sequels were never good parts, but Ancel gets overcome with Legends. And how.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

No one was surprised that Nintendo will repeat custom to Retro Studios, who rightly plasmaron the essence of the original trilogy in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Tropical Freeze joins Cranky Dixie and this compendium of obstacles overcome by sweating. Because yes, this is one of the most challenging games of recent years, students will appreciate the old school. Improvement over its predecessor thanks to inspired levels together, meditated every ape skills and a greater emphasis on the cooperative aspect.

End of year

What to play in the remainder of the year? Nintendo prepares three major releases to satiate the cravings of its followers. The most anticipated is the sole most envied by other platform users, Bayonetta 2, which fighter gets the frenzy of the original (also remastered for the occasion). It will be available on October 31.

Weeks earlier, on September 19, we will have already clinched Hyrule Warriors. Mere appetizer to the distant launch of the new The Legend of Zelda, this spin-off based on the Dynasty Warriors series immerses us in multitudinous fighting. Of course, there are family to own Link items, enemies and environments.

Super Smash Bros is another heavyweight for Wii U this year. It will come next Christmas with HD graphic section, a huge roster of fighters and scenarios, compatibility with Nintendo Gamecube controls and interaction with adorable figures Amiibo. Do not miss our views with the last Nintendo game during Open Day.