The players of Pokémon TCG are in luck. One of the most important trading cards of the World Games has received a new extension called Pokemon XY-fists furious. Users can enjoy two new megaevolucionados characters, Mega-EX and Lucario-Mega-Heracross-EX, along with 18 new cards coach to bring more oomph to our winning deck. In total, more than 100 new cards centric Pokémon of type struggle to hit stores starting next September 1. In addition, we will also have a code to discover new virtual cards in the online platform card game Pokémon.

The expansion Pokémon XY-Furious Fists has a collection of more than 100 letters that will change the way in which you will face your enemies. Among the new cards include the new Mega-Lucario-EX and EX Mega-Heracross- two megaevolucionados Pokémon that will completely change the game in the time that we put on the table. Mega-Lucario-EX is a pokemon type struggle will become stronger with each new attack, until its final kick to somersault causing 100 damage.

Pokémon XY-Puños Furiosos

Meanwhile, the Mega-Heracross Pokémon-EX has type plant has a powerful attack called Big Bang Cornada. Two letters make up your entire deck when playing against friends. But these are not the only interesting letters brings Furious Fists. And that enjoy five new cards of Pokémon-EX: Hawlucha-EX, EX-Lucario. Sismitoad-EX and Dragonite Heracross-EX-EX. expansion also includes letters from other Pokémon powerful as Machamp, Hariyama and Tyrantrum. It is a collection of allies to turn the battlefield into a quadrilateral.

In addition, we also have seven cards illustrated in a different way as they cover the whole space of the front (ultra rare version), three of them within the letters coach. Indeed, another attraction of this expansion are 18 new trainer cards, including Corelia (which appeared in the games Pokémon x and Pokémon) or Focus Sash. They also have new fossil Pokémon in the region of Kalos. The new members are Tyrunt, Tyrantrum, Amaura and Aurorus.

To get these cards expansion, you can opt for enhancement packages (each with ten cards in this expansion) or with two different decks balanced so that users start playing with these collectible cards can learn to take their first steps in the universe Pokémon. In either case, we will have a code to enter on the online platform of the Pokémon card game and unlock virtual cards of this popular game that has distributed more than 21,500 letters to millions throughout the world since it began journey in 1996 Enlargement XY-Furious Fists hit stores next September 1 and is the second major release of the year after the extension XY.