As an inexperienced adventurer, you go to Elios. The fantasy world consists of colorful landscapes and dark caves. In Elsword you gather experience points and move fearlessly into the battle to protect innocent citizens. On your side are numerous players who pursue the same mission to expel dark forces from the kingdom and restore the once peaceful conditions. The free-to-play online role-playing game requires a download. But if the files are downloaded first, it can be played comfortably and free on your PC. Before you go on the journey choose one of the ten game characters.


Each figure with its own strengths and weaknesses

Each character has different strengths and weaknesses: Aisha uses magic powers to their advantage Rena always hits the mark with bow and arrow Eve is committed to the nobility and makes use of virtual modules. There is Finally Elsword the namesakes of the game. The red-haired hero has a clever hand for the big sword and always tries to escape the shadow of his sister. Will you help him ascend to a feared warlord?

Many quests and tricky missions

In the free-to-play MMORPG await numerous quests that need to do it gradually. Some tasks cannot be solved on their own so you should get together with other players from time to time to solve even the trickiest mission. For every good deed not only do gold coins and magical rewards await you but also experience points are credited to your character.

Already at level 15, you have the first opportunity to specialize your game character and teach her new skills. For fans of player-versus-player action of 2.5D side’s cruller Elsword offers recently two more challenges! In the PvP game modes Winner Match and Duel, you can face the fight against other players on your own or in a team.