Outplay entertainment has announced that their chart-striker the game Bubble Popper Bubble Blaze is now available. Who likes to burst bubbles now comes with no language barriers in the full pleasure of the story and the gameplay!

Bubble Blaze already stands on different mobile platforms and in several stores available: App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Samsung, KakaoTalk and more lately Nook are in German, French, Spanish, Italian and English with us. This games is now very popular.

Bubble Blaze

Worldwide, the game was downloaded a million times and is available in seven countries, including the United States and Great Britain, in the App Store at the top of the first place. Hourly let players all over the earth explode the millions of bubbles! In Bubble Blaze players travel to undiscovered lands and solve the road to black hearts castle over 160 entertaining puzzles, there to save the stolen dragon eggs.

The game provides the following features:

Tactic place Booster this powerful booster gives your bubble space forces the ultimate thrill: explosive fireballs, rainbow bubbles and helping dragon boy! These puzzles are addictive! Open secret bubbles manage the challenges damn bubbles, let it rain Jewels for the big points and tilt the tool at the right instant to maneuver falling treasures in bonus pots!

Stunning graphics – Earn on your travel treasures and put aside the stolen dragon eggs against a backdrop of stunning ice caves, hidden beaches and amazing sky mountains. Challenge your friends! Log onto Facebook and find out if you can beat your friends at Zerplatzenlassen of bubbles. Your progress will be shown on the map the race is on!

Save in the cloud set the journey continued, whenever and wherever you want completely independent of the device. Simply log into Facebook and use the possibilities of storing in the cloud! Bubble Blaze is now free from the app store, of Google Play as well as Amazon , Samsung and Nook be downloaded in German, French, Spanish, Italian and English.

About Outplay Entertainment Ltd.

Outplay entertainment is funded by venture capital developer whose goal is to offer fun, free and innovative games for a wide range of mobile and communal media platforms and so players and their friends about the world to prepare thrilling hours of fun.